Autocomplete with trie (3 solutions) – Code

autocomplete with trie listing

Autocomplete is a feature that search box returns the suggestions based on what you have typed. Autocomplete with trie provides an implementation of auto-complete by using data structure trie. A trie is a tree-like data structure in which every node stores a character. After building the trie, strings or substrings …

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Combinations of adding operators and parentheses

possible expressions

Given a set of numbers, there are many different ways to add operators and parentheses to form an valid expression. The operations are +, -, *, /. The operator * and / have higher precedence than + and – . In infix expressions, we add parentheses to override the normal …

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Prefix to postfix (2 solutions) – stack and recursion

Prefix To Postfix

In mathematics expressions, there are infix, prefix and postfix notations. Infix notation is characterized by the placement of operators between operands. For example, the plus sign in 2 + 2. Prefix notation is a notation in which operators precede their operands, such as + 3 4. Postfix notation is a …

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Find K closest points to origin (3 solutions) – Time complexity explained

K closest points

The K closest problem is to find K closest points to the pointer(0,0) (it is called center or origin). The input k is to specify how many points you should return. The Euclidean distance formula is √[ (x2–x1)^2 + (y2–y1)^2]. For this question, we don’t need to calculate the actual …

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Combinations of adding parentheses – code

generate valid parentheses

To find number of possible combinations of valid parentheses, we have to know Catalan number. Catalan numbers are a sequence of natural numbers that follow the formula showing below. The first few Catalan numbers for n = 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 … Cn = 1, 1, 2, 5, …

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Huffman coding and decoding – Step by step

huffman coding

By applying huffman algorithms, we compress the input string by using the generated code. We can also use the code to decompress to get the original string. Here are the steps of huffman coding and decoding. The code is available in Java, JavaScript and Python. Amazon Interview Question(modified) Implement the …

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Flow network and min cut

mini cut feature

A flow network is a directed graph where each edge has a capacity and each edge receives a flow. The amount of flow on an edge cannot exceed the capacity of the edge. A flow network has designated source and sink nodes s and t. A flow must satisfy the …

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Hierholzer’s algorithm to find Euler path – undirected graph

longest path

An Euler path  is a trail in a graph that visits every edge exactly once. Here we use graph data structure to simulate the set of linked porker cards and find the Euler path between them. In a porker game, if two poker cards have matched suites and figures, they can be link together. Given …

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Topological sort using DFS and BFS

Tournamnet ranking

Topological sort is a graph traversal in which node v is visited only after all its dependencies are visited. The graph has to be directed and has no cycles, i.e. directed acyclic graph (DAG). Once the graph is built, you can use the algorithms to find the order. The result …

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Find all subset of string in dictionary – code

find all subset string

Find all subset of string in dictionary is to find the subset of an input string that exists in dictionary. The dictionary contains one million words. For this question, the trick is to find subset, not substring. The difference between substring and subset is: The substring is contiguous sequence of …

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