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Source code are the collections of coding interview questions and their source code. Click the title you are interested, you will find the download link of the source code. Cannot find what you want? Please check out my github and my Java coding book.


people know story code

People who know story by time stamp -code

People who know story by time stamp is to simulate social network with graph data structure. This interview questions came ...
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Autocomplete with trie java

Autocomplete with trie – Code

Autocomplete is a feature that search box returns the suggestions based on what you have typed. Autocomplete with trie provides ...
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wordbreak with memoization

Word break using memoization – Code

Word break is to divide a string into sub-strings that defined in dictionary. The problem is usually solved with recursion ...
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shortest path in matrix

Shortest path from source to destination in matrix – Code

Shortest path in matrix is to find the shortest distance from the the source to the destination. As you know, ...
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shortest path using Dijkstra java

Shortest path and 2nd shortest path using Dijkstra – code

What is Dijkstra's algorithm? Dijkstra's algorithm is an algorithm to find the shortest paths between vertices in a graph. It ...
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Build hierarchy tree java

Build hierarchy tree – Code

Build hierarchy tree reads employee data and build a corporation hierarchy tree from the list. HashMap plays important role to ...
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web scrape

Web scrape and parsing in Java (5 Ways)

Internet is the great resource to get information, for study, business or hobby. There are many ways of information retrieval ...
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suggested friends

Get suggested friends (2 solutions) – code

When you are asked to design the data structures for social network, normally the answer is graph. In the graph, ...
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Prefix To Postfix

Prefix to postfix (2 solutions) – Code

In mathematics expressions, there are infix, prefix and postfix notations. Infix notation is characterized by the placement of operators between ...
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combinations of operators and parentheses

Combinations of adding operators and parentheses

DFS (Depth first search) with memoization has been introduced in the post of word break using memoization. It uses one ...
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