Data structures in action illustrated Python

Data structures illustrated python book thumbnailData structures in action illustrated (Python) PDF and EPUB uses visual language to explain the major concepts in data structures, how they work, and when to use what. It helps programmers or computer science students to understand the data structures inside and out. You can apply them in your projects or help with your job interviews. Since it is rich in visual presentations, you also can read for entertainment.



This book covers 8 major data structures, such as arrays, linked lists, stacks, binary trees, hash tables, graphs among others. The important concepts such as Big O notation, binary search and recursion are explained alongside. The code is written in Python. (The Java, JavaScript are available too.)

The eBook is in digital formats. There are PDF and EPUB. With PDF, you can print on paper or read on any devices that have Adobe reader installed. With EPUB, you can read on any mobile devices. EPUB also provides the links to view and download code online. You have options to purchase both together with discounted price.

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Reading age: 12+
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PDF file size: 21MB
EPUB page size: 8.5 x 11 inches
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Sign up now to get FREE download of all source code in the book. It includes implementation of array, linked list, stack, queue, binary tree, binary search tree, heap, priority queue, hash table, graph, trie and more (total 19 Python files).


    What data structures are covered in Python pdf and epub?

    1. Arrays, sorted arrays, matrices;
    2. Linked lists, doubly linked lists, circular linked lists;
    3. Stacks, queues, and circular queues;
    4. Binary trees, binary search trees;
    5. Heaps and priority queues;
    6. Hash tables;
    7. Graphs;
    8. Tries.

    Q: Can I have a inside look?

    A: Here you are. It is shown as data structures illustrated book launch at YouTube.

    “…I can't wait to say how helpful the book is. I am not sure about other students but for me with no background in computer, it seems to be great. Well-organized and easy to follow. Thanks for introducing the book.”
    – A student of COSC2007, Algoma University 12/4/2022

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