Tech Visuals

Technology Landscapes are the illustrations of my vision and understanding of computer engineering and technologies. They give you the big pictures of this field. Please check out my Tech Landscape YouTube series.

Google translate

Google Translate and transformer model

Google Translate is an application to translate one language to another in real-time. It not only translates words and short phrases, but also long sentences and even articles. The google translate app can translate from handwriting, voice and camera, and outputs speech and text-over-image. This ...
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Big O notation cheat sheets

Big O notation cheat sheet – leetcode Big O

Big O notation cheat sheet provides the Big O notations for data structures and algorithm, including arrays, linked list, trees, hash tables, graphs, sorting, search, recursion, DFS and BFS, and memoization, Dynamic programming etc. It also includes leetcode Big O cheat sheet for common interview ...
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Tiktok feature

How TikTok works – Architecture illustrated

TikTok is a video-sharing app that let users create and share short videos. It impresses users with its personalized recommendations just “for you” precisely. It is highly additive and very popular among young people. Behind it, it is powered by artificial intelligence technologies. Table of ...
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algorithms examples

Algorithms illustrated

An algorithm is a set of rules that instruct the computer how to perform a task. This post lists the most used algorithms and their examples, such as Binary search, sorting, Divide and conquer, Two pointers, Greedy, Recursion, Backtracking and Dynamic programming. The algorithms illustrated ...
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data structures and java apis

Data structures and Java collections

Java collections are Java built-in library provided by JDK. You don't have to implement your own data structures classes and methods. You can directly call the library. Before we list the Java Collections, the original data structures are introduced. There are arrays, linked lists, stacks, ...
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zoom feature

How Zoom works – Architecture illustrated

What is Zoom? Zoom provides video conferencing for collaborations, educations and misc. communications. It integrates with other services such as voice, messaging into one easy-to-use, reliable and high quality platform. What is Zoom architecture? Zoom architecture includes client-side app and server-side infrastructure. Zoom client is ...
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SW overview

Software Engineering Poster – Concepts and Terminologies

You may just decide to major in computer science or computer engineering in college, or you want to go to coding bootcamps. Here is an illustrated explanation of Software engineering poster, including concepts and terminologies. It helps you to decide what courses to take, and ...
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eclipse feature

Eclipse settings you must know

Eclipse is one of the most popular IDE for java development. Some of the settings are "hidden" and take time for you to find out. Some problems, such as eclipse remove red mark on project, are annoying. Here I list some eclipse java settings that ...
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