Big O Notation Cheat Sheet Poster

What is Big O notation cheat sheet poster?

The Big O Notation Cheat Sheet Poster lists Big O notations for Data Structures, Java Collection APIs, and Algorithms in one poster. The poster is in JPG and PDF format, you can use as screen saver. You can also print out, which is perfect for wall décor in study room, college dorm room, classroom, public library, and computer lab.

Big O Notation Cheat Sheet Poster

Table of Content


Time complexity of all data structures
Linear: Array, Ordered array, Linked list, Matrix(2D array), Stack, Queue.
Non-linear: Tree, Balanced tree, Graph, Trie.

Time complexity of Java Collection APIs
List(Interface): ArrayList, LinkedList, Stack.
Queue(Interface): ArrayDeque, PriorityQueue.
Map(Interface): HashMap, LinkedHashMap, TreeMap.
Dictionary(abstract class): Hashtable.
Set(Interface): HashSet, LinkedHashSet, TreeSet.

Time and space complexity of basic algorithms
Sorting: Bubble sort, Selection sort, Insertion sort, Merge sort, Quick sort.
Search: Linear search, Binary search.
Mathematics: Factorial number, Fibonacci number, Permutation, Combination, All subsets, Catalan number.

As bonus, The Big O Notation Cheat Sheet Poster also lists the time and space complexity for leetcode interview problems and algorithms, such as DFS, BFS, recursion, memoization.
Depth first search(DFS): DFS in tree, DFS in string, DFS in graph, DFS in matrix.
Breadth first search(BFS): BFS in tree, BFS in strings, BFS in graph, Find path in graph, Shortest path in graph.

It is perfect for wall décor in study room, college dorm room, classroom, public library, and computer lab.

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