Amazon interview experience

amazon interview

This article is a mix of fiction and non-fiction for entertainment and inspiration purposes. My name is Alice. I have been working as software engineer for 16 years.  I change jobs every 2-4 years. It is not what you think – that I love to have challenges or seek higher …

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Eat Exercise Study – In the time of COVID-19

eat exercise study

COVID-19 has changed my life in many ways. Six months passed, I managed to make through in the time of COVID-19. This is my version of “Eat pray Love” story – started from March 2020… Table of Content Eat Exercise Study One more thing 1. Eat I love food. I …

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Life of software developer


Life of software developer are the illustrations that unfold all aspects of developer. They will give you a new understanding what it is like being a software developer. #1. Life as developer: Software development is really about the teamwork. Even most developers prefer to leave them alone and do their …

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Girls who code

girls who code

I enjoy coding. While I’m writing code, I’m focused and peaceful. I meet a lot female software engineers in the working places. I summarize five reasons that girls learn to code. #1. Parents influence on what to study: If you have opportunity to go to any tech companies and Look …

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