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Clean directories with recursion is to uses Java File class and methods to remove files in a file system. What is recursion? Recursion is a technique that a function or an algorithm calls itself. It is powerful tool to solve math, and data structures problems. It solves sub and repetitive problems. when the condition is met, the rest of each repetition is processed from the last call to the first. Here we use it to in file system.

In Java, File class provides the methods to access file system. For example, you can use isDirectory(), listFiles() and getAbsolutePath() to search. The you can also add or delete files and directories.

LinkedIn Interview Question:
Write a function that cleans out files older than a user specified number of days, and removes empty directories recursively.

Java Code:

file is deleted.
file is deleted.
file is deleted.
file is deleted.
Folder Name :folder\oldfiles\subfolder is deleted.

O notation:
Time complexity is O(n), n is the number of files/directories.
space complexity is O(m), m is the depth of the recursion.

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Clean directories with recursion tutorial
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