A year as PlayStation backend engineer

2/15 Monday, It is 8:30 am, I come to the office early. Paul is already in his cubicle as usual. At 10 am, It is stand-up time.  Max and Jon are arguing about some issues in Tomcat servers in production.

war room

At 1 pm, Jose asks me to join in the “war room”. The production has down time. It is showing spikes in downdector.com. The room is full of tech leads, developers. Even CTO is here too.

retrospect meeting

3/17 Thursday, the team is having a retrospective meeting. The members in India join us through video conference.


6/15, Today is the last day of this Sprint. I kick off the regression tests in Jenkins, and also wrap up the peer review. 

team lunch

8/25 Thursday, we are having a team lunch at TGI Fridays, welcoming a new employee.

one on one

10/19, I’m having one-on-one meeting with my manager Stephen.

lunch break

11/17, I take a walk with Jennifer after lunch. She tells me she is searching for her third property to rent out.


12/16 Friday, I drive on the high way back to LA, thinking about buying Christmas presents in the weekend plan.

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