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Source code are the collections of coding interview questions and their source code. Click the title you are interested, you will find the download link of the source code. Cannot find what you want? Please check out my github and my Java coding book.


royal succession order

Royal succession order – code

Royal succession order is also known as the line of succession to the British throne. Under common law, the crown ...
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build nested object

Build nested object from hierarchical list- code

Similar to convert JSON file to objects, we can covert hierarchical list to a nested object. The input is like ...
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print hierarchy of nested text

Print hierarchy of nested log – code

In a log file, there are "start" and "end" pairs. Every "start" has a corresponding "stop" message, in a stack-like ...
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hashmap object as key

HashMap object as key and sort by key

HashMap object as key introduces how to use object as key and how to sort by key when the key ...
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hashmap sort by value

HashMap sort by value

Hashmap is key-value pair data structure. Most time you sort the hashmap by the key. But sometimes you need to ...
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