Big O-notations and interview questions


Big O notation interview questions provide the extended Big O notations for top interview questions. What is Big O notation? Big O notations describe the time or space required for the execution in software program. The execution can be an operation in data structures, such as add, delete or traverse. It can also be an algorithm, such as sort or search. Big O notations include time complexity and space complexity. They indicate the worst-case scenario. You can choose the best implementation based on time and space complexity.

In this post, I list the Big O notation for major data structures and well-know algorithms. They are also called Big O notation cheat sheets. Meanwhile, I extend the basic Big O notations and cover some complicated algorithms, for example, recursion and the graph’s DFS and BFS.

Big O notation interview questions have the exhaustive list of the interview questions, aggregated from varied web sites. This extended Big O notations are the by-product of our Java Coding Interview Pocket Book. In this book, every answer for the question includes the Big O notation.

Big O-Notations of Data Structures

data structures O-notation cheat sheets

Big O-Notations of Java Collections

Java collections O-notation cheat sheets

Big O-Notations of Algorithms by categories

algorithms O-notation cheat sheets

Big O-Notations of Sorting Algorithms

Sorting O-notations

Big O-Notations of problems using Recursions

combinatoric questions O-notations

Big O-Notations of problems using DFS and BFS

DFS and BFS questions O-notations

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