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Here are stories and tutorials we would like to share with our fellow engineers, from coding to life experience, and everything in between. We might learn from each other, or have some fun. Please write for us if you have story to tell.

amazon interview

Amazon interview experience

This article is a mix of fiction and non-fiction for entertainment and inspiration purposes. My name is Alice. I have been working as software engineer for 16 years. I change jobs every 2-4 years. It ...
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eat exercise study

Eat Exercise Study – In the time of COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed my life in many ways. Six months passed, I managed to make through in the time of COVID-19. This is my version of "Eat pray Love" story - started from March 2020 ...
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eclipse must know

10 Eclipse settings you must know for Java development

Eclipse is one of the most popular IDE for java development. Get to know the eclipse settings is essential. Some of the settings are "hidden" and take time for you to find out. Here I ...
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Scratch & math games – learn to code for kids

Juni Learning offers courses and resources for kids to learn to code. Here are two interesting ideas to learn to code and build mindset. I. The Scratch Programming Language Scratch may not be a programming ...
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Life of software developer

Life of software developer are the illustrations that unfold all aspects of developer. They will give you a new understanding what it is like being a software developer. #1. Life as developer: Software development is ...
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girls who code

Girls who code

I enjoy coding. While I'm writing code, I'm focused and peaceful. I meet a lot female software engineers in the working places. I summarize five reasons that girls learn to code. #1. Parents influence on ...
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