Life of software developer

Life of software developer are the illustrations that unfold all aspects of developer. They will give you a new understanding what it is like being a software developer.

life of java developer illustration

#1. Life as developer: Software development is really about the teamwork. Even most developers prefer to leave them alone and do their jobs. but in the software development, everybody must follow the same procedure called “Agile process”.

java development scrum team

#2. Java as language: Learning Java helps to master fundamental concepts of programming language, such as data types, OOP, control statements, data structures and algorithms, multi-threading, network protocols and graphic development.

java programming knowledge and skills

#3. Software and tools : What software do Java developers install on their computers? There are IDE, framework, client side of database, remote connect tools to servers, version controls, continuous build tools, team management tools etc.

java programming software frameworks

#4. Co-workers: Who are the java developers interacting with every day? Let me assure you are the Java developer, who are the people around you? Managers, peers, program managers, architect, directors (and CTO).

java developer and co-workers

#5. Personal life: After a few years, they have a nice house in a good neighborhood and vacations in Hawaii. High pay means high accomplishment. It also means high pressure.

java developer personal life

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