Technology Landscape

Technology Landscapes are the illustrations of my vision and understanding of computer engineering and technologies. They give you the big pictures of this field. Please check out my Tech Landscape YouTube series.

Big O notation cheat sheets

Big O notations and interview questions

Big O notation cheat sheet provides the extended Big O notations for top interview questions. What is Big O notations? Big O notations describe the time or space required for the execution in software program. The execution can be an operation in data structures, such ...
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SW overview

Software Engineering – Student Guide

What is software engineering? Software engineering is the study of engineering in the software design, development and applications. What courses are in software engineering major? 1 Mathematics2 Systems3 Programming4 Networks5 Data6 Applications7 Artificial intelligence You may just decide to major in computer science or software ...
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Zoom architecture

How Zoom works – Architecture illustrated

What is Zoom? Zoom provides video conferencing for collaborations, educations and misc. communications. It integrates with other services such as voice, messaging into one easy-to-use, reliable and high quality platform. What is Zoom architecture? Zoom architecture includes client-side app and server-side infrastructure. Zoom client is ...
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data structures and java apis

Data structures and Java collections

What are data structures? Data structures refer to the way how data are organized and manipulated. When dealing with data structures, we not only focus on one element of data, but rather different sets of data and how they can relate to one another in ...
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What Are Algorithms & Why Are They Important

What Is An Algorithm? An algorithm is a set of step-by-step procedures, or a set of rules to follow, for completing a specific task or solving a particular problem. Algorithms are all around us. The recipe for baking a cake, the method we use to ...
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data science feature

How is Coding Used in Data Science & Analytics

What is Data Science? In recent years the phrase “data science” has become a buzzword in the tech industry. The demand for data scientists has surged since the late 1990s, presenting new job opportunities and research areas for computer scientists. Before we delve into the ...
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python vs java

Python vs. Java

Python vs. Java: Uses, Performance, Learning In the world of computer science, there are many programming languages, and no single language is superior to another. In other words, each language is best suited to solve certain problems, and in fact there is often no one ...
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